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Requesting Submissions for Sevagram Site

All of the covers and most of the items appearing on the old Earthlink A.E. van Vogt website were done by myself. Most of this was due to the severe lack of hosting space and my very limited web-designing skills. Now, however, I have unlimited web space, and am using a much more modern array of web technologies. These two factors together make it much, much easier to add new material and update existing pages. So I’m taking this opportunity to ask for you to submit material for the A.E. van Vogt Sevagram site on

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Advertisements Update — Oct 1st, 2011

New material has been added to the Sevagram site (A.E. van Vogt):

— The Summaries section is now online.

— Four Reviews have been added

(see below for full details)

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Sevagram: The New A.E. van Vogt Website

The old version of my A.E. van Vogt website hosted on Earthlink (called Icshi: The A.E. van Vogt Information Site, at the URL has now been taken down and will no longer be accessible. It has been replaced with the new website Sevagram, hosted on my own domain of

Sevagram: A.E. van Vogt

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Announcing the Launch of

Most of you are already aware of my A.E. van Vogt website at, called Icshi: The A.E. van Vogt Information Site. Most of you will also be aware that it will be taken down fairly soon, probably by the end of July in a few weeks’ time.

I do however have a new site with its own domain name, It will feature several sections on different topics, most of them science fiction. At the moment only the new Doctor Who-related Virgin Territory section is online. This section deals with the Who books published by Virgin Publishing during the 1990s — including the New Adventures, the Missing Adventures, the Bernice Summerfield series, and the Decalog anthologies — and is copiously illustrated with huge, high-quality scans. By the end of July I hope to have most of the old A.E. van Vogt site modernized. This new van Vogt site will be called Sevagram.

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“Scandal in the 4th Dimension” by A.R. Long (1934)

Unlike the last two stories I’ve posted, this one is much shorter and is a humorous piece. One of the first prominent women authors to contribute to the SF pulps, Amelia Reynolds Long was a gifted author, possessing both imagination and wit in generous amounts. The delightful little story that follows has only ever appeared once, in Astounding, and has never been reprinted since.

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“Something From Jupiter” by Dow Elstar (Raymond Z. Gallun) (1938)

Last week featured R. DeWitt Miller’s story “The Master Shall Not Die!” which appeared in the March 1938 issue of Astounding Science Fiction. This week features the cover story from that same issue, the highly imaginative “Something From Jupiter” by the celebrated author Raymond Z. Gallun. For this story he used his “Dow Elstar” pseudonym, which was used only a handful of times in his career. This story, like Miller’s, has only been published once in magazine form, and never again since.

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“The Master Shall Not Die!” by R. DeWitt Miller (1938)

Story time! Obscure author Richard DeWitt Miller contributed a mere handful of stories to Astounding Science Fiction during the late 1930s. The story reproduced below is one of my favorite SF stories. Entitled “The Master Shall Not Die!” it deals rather ingeniously with the themes of immortality and utopia. It dates from the March 1938 issue, and as far as I know it has never been reprinted since.

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