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Monthly Archives: July 2013

New A.E. van Vogt Bibliography Now Online

After more delays than I care to count, my new A.E. van Vogt bibliography, the Sevagram Index, is finally online.

Unlike my previous efforts, the new bibliography is a series of HTML pages rather than a PDF file. There are 241 separate entries, each covering a single work by van Vogt. Each entry has its own page featuring notes and background details, followed by a list of every known appearance of that work with full details, along with covers, interior scans, and illustrations.

To learn more about the new bibliography, see the introduction… Or you can just dive right in at the Titles Index! My primary goal has been to make the tangled, labyrinthine web of van Vogt’s corpus of literary works more accessible to long-time fans and new readers alike, and I hope it serves to open up new avenues of discovery.

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