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The site updates are pretty straightforward this time, so I won’t repeat it all here. I mainly just wanted to comment on the 4 articles that have just been added to the van Vogt section.

3 of these articles are merely updated content from the old site — a biographical sketch of E. Mayne Hull, a biographical sketch of Lydia, and the van Vogt / Hull Family Tree page. The Hull bio and Family Tree pages will be extensively revised at some future date with information I’ve been sitting on for ages. This won’t be a simple task, though, so I’ve put off adding the new information until later. I’d really like to get as much content from the old site back up before I start making major new additions.

There is a fourth article, Early Impressions: How I Met Van Vogt. This is mostly new material, discussing how I first came across his books, but also includes a much more detailed account of the time I met van Vogt at a convention in 1994. (A shorter version of this account previously appeared on the old site, on the page where the convention photo was presented.)

For this update, I wasn’t able to finalize my new free hosting program, or the new HTML version of The Three Worlds of Null-A. They will be appearing at a later date.


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  1. Patricia Powell

    I wonder if you can help me find the book where A.E.Van Vogt writes about a man swinging like a pendulum through Time collecting and accumulating energy,,

    The last lines go something like, “he witnessed and participated in the Big Bang…” Better written than my memory…

    For years I’ve tried to find it again, to no avail.

    Do you by some miracle know which book, story this was in?

    Thanks so much for your help,
    Pat Powell

  2. That would be “The Seesaw,” a short story from 1941 which was later included as part of the novel The Weapon Shops of Isher. You can try to find the novel at a local used book dealer, or if that fails you can find a copy through


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