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Monthly Archives: November 2011 Update — December 1st, 2011

— The Doctor Who-related Virgin Territory section has been extensively redesigned for easier use and quicker loading times. Rather than the booklist consisting of one gargantuan page with tons of images, each book now has its own individual page, and each index is now a separate page as well. It’s also now possible to click on any author or artist name to see a list of all of the other Doctor Who work which they did for Virgin Publishing.

— New Updates page added. This gives a short summary of all changes made to This Space Rubbish blog will still be used to discuss these changes in greater depth and to make other announcements. The Updates page is intended to give regular visitors a page where they can drop by every now and then to see what’s new just at a glance, rather than having to wade through my rambling blog entries.

Credits page udpated (mostly adding new items to the “Web-Development Tools” section at the top).

Sevagram Links page udpated to include Roger Russel’s site and the Yahoo discussion group.

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