RSS Feed Update — October 22nd, 2011

Some major updates to the site this time around:

— I’ve recently switched from using static HTML pages to using dynamic PHP pages.

— Three sections have been added to the Sevagram A.E. van Vogt site: Articles, Interviews, and Links.

(see below for full details)

PHP Pages

The switch to PHP pages signals a huge leap forward (technologically speaking) for the website. This will allow all of the XML pages and XSLT templates to be converted into HTML on the server itself, rather than me having to manually convert and re-upload each and every page every time any of the site elements change. This way of doing things is something I’ve been dying for for the last ten years, and it is a tremendous blessing to have it finally up and running. And this comes at just the right time, as new pages are added to the site by leaps and bounds.

The key to the whole problem was finding a how-to-do page that I could actually understand. Many how-to sites emphasized how “easy” it was, then presented a 32-point step-by-step process, involving lines and lines of unintelligible code, just to use a PHP page to translate an XML document with an XSLT template. I knew there had to be a simpler, easy-to-understand way, so just kept looking, and sure enough at long last I finally found it.

All of the old HTML pages will automatically redirect to the new PHP pages, but it would still be a good idea to update your bookmarks accordingly, and to fix any links you may have made to pages on the site. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

New Sections

The Interviews and Links sections have been renovated from the old Earthlink site, and features content already familiar to regular visitors. The Articles section, however, is something new. This section will host non-fiction articles discussing any vanvogtian topic. At present, it’s just some rehashed material from the old site, the two essays on the E. Mayne Hull authorship controversy (which were previously included as part of the Storysource bibliography). Soon, though, an all-new article will appear, a rebuttal to Damon Knight’s criticisms of van Vogt, written by none other than the increasingly prolific Daniele Bitossi.

The Interviews have a nifty new feature which should come in handy. Since these interviews are such a wonderful resource for tidbits of information, each question and answer has a specific ID on the page that can be easily linked to. This link can be found by hovering your cursor over the person’s name in the left column. You can then copy this link to your clipboard, so you can refer to that segment of the interview from anywhere else on the web — from your blog, a message board, whatever. These links have been made very unobtrusive, so the casual reader won’t try to click on them, thinking they lead somewhere else. This has already come in handy, as I link to specific segments of the Weinberg and Thiessen interviews from within other pages on the site. This makes it dirt simple to instantly read for yourself any item of support reference.

Daniele’s article should be ready shortly. Then, a few weeks after that, the new HTML version of The Three Worlds of Null-A should finally be ready.


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  1. Isaac, what you’ve done is ASTOUNDING! Thank you very much!

  2. As always, thanks for the words of encouragement, Mark! 🙂


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