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Monthly Archives: October 2011 Update — October 26th, 2011

As promised last week, Daniele Bitossi’s article rebutting Damon Knight’s criticisms of A.E. van Vogt is now online. As someone who never quite got around to reading Knight’s famous “Cosmic Jerrybuilder,” I found Daniele’s piece quite illuminating.

Advertisements Update — October 22nd, 2011

Some major updates to the site this time around:

— I’ve recently switched from using static HTML pages to using dynamic PHP pages.

— Three sections have been added to the Sevagram A.E. van Vogt site: Articles, Interviews, and Links.

(see below for full details)

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Requesting Submissions for Sevagram Site

All of the covers and most of the items appearing on the old Earthlink A.E. van Vogt website were done by myself. Most of this was due to the severe lack of hosting space and my very limited web-designing skills. Now, however, I have unlimited web space, and am using a much more modern array of web technologies. These two factors together make it much, much easier to add new material and update existing pages. So I’m taking this opportunity to ask for you to submit material for the A.E. van Vogt Sevagram site on

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