RSS Feed Update — Oct 1st, 2011

New material has been added to the Sevagram site (A.E. van Vogt):

— The Summaries section is now online.

— Four Reviews have been added

(see below for full details)

— The Summaries section has been renovated from the old site and is now online. This includes a new HTML version of my in-depth study of Slan, “Slanology.”

The original version of Slanology was a bit slapdash in places, so I’ve also taken the opportunity to make some minor corrections, revisions, and added some new material. The most notable new feature is the Litmus Test, a list of quick-and-easy tests you can perform to help you figure out which of the 5 versions of Slan you own.

I’m currently working on an HTML version of my similar study of The World of Null-A, entitled “The Three Worlds of Null-A.” This is proving to be far more difficult to convert to HTML, owing to its complex parallel-column layout and color-coding. In the meantime, you can still download the old PDF version.

Reviews: I have the pleasure of being able to present Daniele Bitossi’s review of the new Italian non-fiction book Metafisica dell’evoluzione in A. E. van Vogt (Metaphysics of the Evolution in A. E. van Vogt) by Italian SF scholar Riccardo Gramantieri, which was published in April 2011.

Three other reviews have also been added, but these consist of the lengthy comments originally following some of the Summaries on the old site (Cosmic Encounter, The People of the Wide Sands, and To Conquer Kiber). I decided to split these off from the summaries and present them as full-fledged reviews — it just seemed more logical to present them in this fashion, and they’ll also attract more readers this way.

That’s all for now. But in the days to come, keep an eye on this blog for an upcoming announcement…


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