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Most of you are already aware of my A.E. van Vogt website at, called Icshi: The A.E. van Vogt Information Site. Most of you will also be aware that it will be taken down fairly soon, probably by the end of July in a few weeks’ time.

I do however have a new site with its own domain name, It will feature several sections on different topics, most of them science fiction. At the moment only the new Doctor Who-related Virgin Territory section is online. This section deals with the Who books published by Virgin Publishing during the 1990s — including the New Adventures, the Missing Adventures, the Bernice Summerfield series, and the Decalog anthologies — and is copiously illustrated with huge, high-quality scans. By the end of July I hope to have most of the old A.E. van Vogt site modernized. This new van Vogt site will be called Sevagram. banner

Additional sections will be appearing within the next few years, all of which will also be illustrated with huge, high-quality scans. These sections will be brought online in a piecemeal fashion, with some areas of each topic finished long before others.

These topical sections will include:

  • Astounding — an index of Astounding from 1930 to 1955. Will also reprint all the letters which appeared in those issues, cross-indexed by author and topics.
  • Zorome — an illustrated bibliography of classic SF author Neil R. Jones, author of the Professor Jameson stories
  • Sci-Fi Phoenix — digitizations of classic SF stories that are now in the public domain, in a wide variety of formats
  • Bible: Vulgate & Wycliffe — the Vulgate and Wycliffe Bibles, with emphasis on the different readings found in various manuscripts. Its main feature will be a digitized reprint of Forshall & Madden’s monumental 1850 edition of the Wycliffe Bible, with its rather cumbersome and archaic format radically changed and fully enhanced for the web.

Beyond those, other sections are tentatively planned, though will not appear for quite some time. These will deal with topics as diverse as:

  • Warhammer 40,000 (the SF setting and books)
  • Red Dwarf (British SF comedy show)
  • Fantasy Book Magazine (the one from the ’40s as well as the one from the ’80s)
  • Domenico Scarlatti (baroque composer)
  • Yes, Minister & Yes, Prime Minister (classic British satire show)

Progress on the site will be slow, since the main bulk of the work consists of creating the high-quality scans. The Doctor Who book covers alone took almost 3 months of hard work, and they number a mere fraction of the number of covers to be done for the van Vogt and Astounding sections. In order to create a bit of variety — for myself and for visitors — each section will be incomplete when it’s brought online. So I ask for your patience and understanding when it comes to my update schedule.

And speaking of updates, as mentioned previously, this Space Rubbish blog will be used to keep track of all updates made to the new website. So stayed tuned here for new additions to the site.

(One final thing that needs to be mentioned: for personal reasons fully explained here, I’ve started using my pen name of Isaac Walwyn on the new website. Previously, I’ve used my real name of Isaac Wilcott for my website work, but this period of transition seemed the perfect time to make that change as well. I hope this doesn’t confuse too many people!)


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