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The Shadow Out of Time (Illustrations)

(I recently made these scans for a friend of mine, and thought others would enjoy them as well.)

These are Howard V. Brown’s illustrations for H.P. Lovecraft’s classic SF-horror story “The Shadow Out of Time” as it originally appeared in the June 1936 issue of Astounding Science Fiction. Brown also did the cover for this issue. This is one of my favorite stories, by one of my favorite authors.

I’d like to also mention that the tall creature on the right in Illustration #2a is a dead ringer for the squash-like aliens from Murray Leinster’s story “Proxima Centauri” (March 1935), another of my favorite stories. Brown also did the cover for that issue, though Elliott Dold illustrated the interior for that story (apparently after Brown’s cover).

I like to think that one of the exotic beasties collected on the Yithians’ travels included one of those distinctly unfriendly carnivorous vegetables… I can think of fewer creatures more perfectly suited for inclusion in any respectable monster menagerie.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed Lovecraft horror tales for some time, but never knew he wrote science fiction. So…i learned something new here. Gotta see if I can find “Shadow Out of Time,” it looks like a good one. Seems to be cross genre scifi/horror.

    BTW. I updated my website to replace the link to the old Icshi van Vogt site with the Sevagram link. I also added the link to “Space Rubbish.”

  2. A lot of Lovecraft’s stories inhabit that strange, nebulous zone between SF and horror. It’s for a very good reason that his stories are often described as being “cosmic horror,” since they very much involve Man’s reaction to the ancient and unknowable things from “out there.”

    Thanks for the links, by the way!


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