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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Period Piece: An Introduction to Astounding’s Clayton Years

Back in early 2008 I had finally managed to collect all of the issues of Astounding within my target range, January 1930 to December 1955. Shortly after that, I began reading the very first issue. I had intended to read through the entire Clayton era to start with, but I made hardly any headway, owing to the overall poor quality and repetitiveness of the stories.

As I read I also took some notes, mostly sketching down a short summary of each story along with what I thought of it. I read the first two issues completely (January and February 1930), along with part of the March 1930 issue. The following article is a revised version of my original notes.

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Reference Books: Astounding & SF Magazines

These are the best resources for learning more about the history of Astounding Science Fiction, and early SF pulp magazines in general.

You might also enjoy my short article about the first few issues of Astounding.

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Proxima Centauri (Illustrations)

More classic pulp illustrations! Last time it was Brown’s illustrations to H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Shadow Out of Time,” in which I made passing reference to Leinster’s “Proxima Centuari.” Well, here are the illustrations to that story as well.

The cover is by Brown, and the illustrations are by Elliott Dold. This story appeared in the March, 1935 issue of Astounding Science Fiction. As always, these scans were made from my own collection.

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The Shadow Out of Time (Illustrations)

(I recently made these scans for a friend of mine, and thought others would enjoy them as well.)

These are Howard V. Brown’s illustrations for H.P. Lovecraft’s classic SF-horror story “The Shadow Out of Time” as it originally appeared in the June 1936 issue of Astounding Science Fiction. Brown also did the cover for this issue. This is one of my favorite stories, by one of my favorite authors.

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