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New A.E. van Vogt Bibliography Now Online

After more delays than I care to count, my new A.E. van Vogt bibliography, the Sevagram Index, is finally online.

Unlike my previous efforts, the new bibliography is a series of HTML pages rather than a PDF file. There are 241 separate entries, each covering a single work by van Vogt. Each entry has its own page featuring notes and background details, followed by a list of every known appearance of that work with full details, along with covers, interior scans, and illustrations.

To learn more about the new bibliography, see the introduction… Or you can just dive right in at the Titles Index! My primary goal has been to make the tangled, labyrinthine web of van Vogt’s corpus of literary works more accessible to long-time fans and new readers alike, and I hope it serves to open up new avenues of discovery.

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Advertisements Update — June 1st, 2012

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I know it’s been a while, but I’ve finally managed to get a new site update out the door.

First of all, there is one item which I’d like to draw special attention to: an article for the Sevagram section entitled Unravelling van Vogt’s Fix-Up Novels by Andrew May. Andrew’s name should be familiar to many of you because of his excellent Astounding reference site. Andrew wrote this article a couple of years ago for his own website, and he recently asked me if I’d be interested in reprinting it on Sevagram. I was, of course, delighted, especially since I had inexplicably managed to miss that article when browsing his site in the past. This is a very informative and perceptive article, which all SF readers, not just van Vogt fans, will benefit from reading. Fix-up novels — where several separate short stories are re-written into a novel — are a common phenomenon in the SF publishing world, thanks largely to van Vogt’s pioneering efforts in this area. (In fact, even the term “fix-up” was coined by van Vogt.)

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The site updates are pretty straightforward this time, so I won’t repeat it all here. I mainly just wanted to comment on the 4 articles that have just been added to the van Vogt section.

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The Weird Worlds of A.E. van Vogt

The Weird Worlds of A.E. van Vogt is the world’s oldest and most prominent website dealing with this author from the Golden Age of science fiction. Created in the late ’90s by Magnus Axelsson in Iceland, it has provided superb resources and a central gathering place for fans, and can be credited with bringing van Vogt back to the attention of the general public after he unjustly languished in obscurity for many years.

In March 2008, after moving on to other fields of interest, Magnus ceased updating his site apart from adding a few news items. Since October 2009, it has seen no updates of any kind, and now it will soon be removed altogether from its current home on MMedia at Fortunately, over the last few months Magnus and I have been working together to move his entire site to my domain, where it is now accessible at

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— The Doctor Who-related Virgin Territory section has been extensively redesigned for easier use and quicker loading times. Rather than the booklist consisting of one gargantuan page with tons of images, each book now has its own individual page, and each index is now a separate page as well. It’s also now possible to click on any author or artist name to see a list of all of the other Doctor Who work which they did for Virgin Publishing.

— New Updates page added. This gives a short summary of all changes made to This Space Rubbish blog will still be used to discuss these changes in greater depth and to make other announcements. The Updates page is intended to give regular visitors a page where they can drop by every now and then to see what’s new just at a glance, rather than having to wade through my rambling blog entries.

Credits page udpated (mostly adding new items to the “Web-Development Tools” section at the top).

Sevagram Links page udpated to include Roger Russel’s site and the Yahoo discussion group.

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As promised last week, Daniele Bitossi’s article rebutting Damon Knight’s criticisms of A.E. van Vogt is now online. As someone who never quite got around to reading Knight’s famous “Cosmic Jerrybuilder,” I found Daniele’s piece quite illuminating. Update — October 22nd, 2011

Some major updates to the site this time around:

— I’ve recently switched from using static HTML pages to using dynamic PHP pages.

— Three sections have been added to the Sevagram A.E. van Vogt site: Articles, Interviews, and Links.

(see below for full details)

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